You are tired, or perhaps you are in a rush. Maybe you are distracted. You are eager to get on to the next task – or to taking it easy – and there’s a mess you need to clean.

The kitchen sink might well be the proper place for some of the things you have collected, yet unless you like regular visits from an appliance pro for sink repair, there are a few things that simply do not belong in the drainpipes. Here, the outstanding appliance repair services of SRB Appliance Repair offers the worst, and do not think that the realization that you own a garbage disposal is going to render them harmless.

Coffee Grounds

Shocking but insidious, coffee grounds are way too small to be cut by the blades of the garbage disposal and sink the bottom of the kitchen drain. Enough grounds go down the sink and it will not be long before you will be calling us.

Egg Shells

They do not look like an issue, yet eggshells are really heavy and sit in the crook of the kitchen drain blocking any additional food which is sent down. Rather than washing them down the kitchen sink consider beginning a compost bin (it is fantastic for a garden!), or simply toss them out with your regular garbage.


All of us know the main property of rice: it’ll soak up water and expand. Knowing that, it should not be too shocking that rice and drains do not mix well. In conjunction with expanding, rice also is sticky, so it’ll easily glue itself to the inside of the pipes. Our expert appliance repairers say to avoid it at all costs!


This one is difficult to get off plates and even more challenging to get off pipes. Save yourself the trouble of calling an appliance repair tech and scrape any excessive grease that it’s possible to put into the garbage can before you wash your dishes.


Pasta is just like rice. It expands and sticks inside the drain.


As you eat any meat always place animal bones inside the garbage can and not down your disposal. The animal bones jam up the blades, as well as stop up the sink!

Stringy Vegetables

Stringy veggies such as asparagus and celery wrap around the disposal’s blades and may even completely stop it. Better to simply place them into the trash.

Shrimp Shells

Shrimp shells sink to the bottom of the drain, as well as linger there and accumulate more food.


One bad thing to place down the drain is dirt, as just a tiny amount easily can cause a clog. Keep in mind to always wash all of your garden tools using a hose in your yard instead of inside the sink!

Fish Tank Gravel

Pipes connected to the sink are just so big; therefore, placing any kinds of rocks down them never is a good idea. Even though water is an impactful force, rocks and gravel also are heavy and will produce a clog quicker than you can contact our number.


Those cute stickers on fruit generally are designed of plastic. They may stick to the sides of the drains, and if they break free before there’s an issue, they may wind up sticking to filters inside waste treatment centers or, ultimately, polluting oceans and rivers.

Fruit Pits

A disposal can’t break down a fruit pit completely enough for it to be thoroughly flushed down the drain. It’s something else which may go in the compost bin, although it’ll take some time to decompose.


It’s a bit of a new entry to a list like this. You might not create a clog with that pill you toss down the drain, yet recent research revealed that pharmaceuticals now are a common contaminant inside drinking water. Some enter our water supply via sewage, yet those also have entered the ecosystem by being flushed down skin drains.

Understanding what to avoid as it’ll come to the kitchen drain will decrease stress and repair expenses in the long run. If you believe you might have placed some of the above items in the drain and it is clogged, arrange an appointment for a drain cleaning or repair with SRB Appliance Repair.