A lot of do-it-yourselfers believe they have the ability to work on their own dishwashers even if they do not have any experience. Please do not be one of those people. You easily could make an error which permanently could damage the appliance, or even worse, injure yourself or another person. If you see any of these, arrange an appointment to allow the outstanding appliance repair professionals of SRB Appliance Repair to deal with the issue.


Repair Warning Signs


The dishwasher is going to let you know if there is a problem. If you pay close attention to the warning indications and immediately call a professional for help, it might help you avoid a huge disaster which is going to cost a lot more to repair. Below, SRB Appliance Repair lists a few instances of when you ought to get in touch with a professional.


  • Water does not get into the unit – It might mean that a sensor inside your dishwasher has failed. Or it might mean that the dishwasher’s water pump must be replaced. If you see this issue, immediately turn your dishwasher off. If you do not, it might overheat. That’d likely mean you’d have to have a new dishwasher.
  • Water lingers in the unit – If water lingers in the appliance after cleaning, it could also mean a faulty pump or sensor. It also could mean the dishwasher’s drain is clogged. Be on the lookout for anything blocking the dishwasher’s drain, which is situated at the bottom of the appliance. If there isn’t anything in the area, get in touch with a professional.
  • Water is leaking from under the appliance – It’s a common issue that typically means you have to get a new door seal.


Again, do not attempt to make any of the above types of repairs yourself. Feel free to get in touch with the friendly folks at SRB Appliance Repair instead at (615) 829-8199 to arrange service.


How to Tell if the Fridge Needs Repair?


As with the majority of other appliances in your household, there is a good opportunity that you likely take your fridge for granted. You likely do not give it a lot of thought unless something goes wrong. However, how is it possible to tell if you have to have a professional come out and repair it? Below, SRB Appliance Repair lists some signs.


You Notice Puddles on your Kitchen Floor


If your fridge is leaking, it likely means the dishwasher’s defrost drain is clogged or water supply valve was damaged. There also could be a damaged seal some place inside the unit.


It is Making Loud Sounds


A fridge ought to run quietly at all times. If your refrigerator is beginning to make loud sounds, it might be an indication of a problem. Call a professional, like SRB Appliance Repair if your appliance is making clanking, loud noises or cycling off and on far too frequently.


The Food Spoils


It’s likely the most obvious indication that something is wrong. Because after all, the food is not supposed to go bad when it is inside the fridge, right? If your food is expiring before it is supposed to, the interior of the appliance might be too warm. If the same issue keeps occurring after you turn the refrigerator’s thermostat down, please get in touch with a professional.


The Fridge Feels Warm


You may believe that your fridge works by cooling the inside of the appliance down, yet that isn’t the case. It actually extracts heat from the air. In turn, the outside ought to feel slightly warm. However, if it suddenly feels hot, it means something is wrong.


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