Phoenix AZ – SRB Appliance Repair, a family owned and operated home appliance repair company is proud to announce today that they are celebrating five years in business. The company first opened its doors for business on March 26th, 2014, exactly five years ago, and have grown rapidly since then.


The company attributes much of its success to the many positive previous reviews from delighted customers, who have been so impressed with the service that they have taken the time and effort to write a review online. SRB Appliance Repair is in a unique position of being large enough to cope with the increasing demand, but small enough never to forget the importance of the personal touch.


“Having worked in the industry for many years, after much consideration, I decided that I wanted to go into business for myself,” said Mike Stevenson, the owner and founder of SRB Appliance Repair. “Repairing appliances is second nature for me; it is both my passion and my specialty.  However, I was convinced that I could also deliver an outstanding customer service experience, and deep down, I have always felt like I had the entrepreneurial spirit. I never forget that when my customers call me they are in a state of panic, worried about the cost, and in many cases scared about how they will cope until their machine is working again. I aim to solve their problem with the minimum of fuss, and wherever possible repair their machine as quickly and efficiently as I can. That is why I am convinced that we will continue to grow as a business, and receive many more positive reviews in the future. In my business I don’t consider anyone a customer, everyone is a friend, and deep down, that is my unique selling proposition.”


SRB Appliance Repair is a customer service company specializing in expert appliance repair. Offering appliance repair in Phoenix Arizona, and the surrounding cities. For more information about the company and the various services that they provide, contact their sales team on (615) 829-8199